Adam S.

Hello. I never post feedback but I had such a positive experience I thought it would be wrong. From my initial inquiry to my first visit, I was immediately impressed with the professionalism by the staff and the Doctor. Ok, first of all the office is gorgeous, clean and organized. And you want to hear the biggest shock, Dr. M actually spent time to talk to me and actually was intrested to find out how he can help me. I did 5 ketamine infusions initially and have back many times after. This changed my LIFE! I’m am a better father, husband, friend and a more functional member of society. I highly encourage anyone experiencing anxiety, depression and general going through a hard time, you must try this. It was amazing and the Dr and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I am so grateful to them and my 4 kids and beautiful wife are even more thankful for they got their dad back. I know this may sound cheesy but I actually teared up as I write this. Stay safe and always remember to never be scared to get help.

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