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Short version: Trustworthy, invested care. Best in CA. Amazing treatment. Full review: I looked into every person that offered this treatment in the Southern California area and in my opinion Dr. Mahjoubi is without question the best. I have been through the ringer with treatment resistant depression and for myself, the ketamine treatment has been amazing. Hands down the best thing I have ever tried for my depression. The nasal spray is also an incredible option that has a lot of research to support it’s usage over other methods and is also a great option for people who can’t do IV follow ups as often as they’d like. However if you CAN do all of the treatments I can’t encourage you to do them enough, it is worth it. Even better if you can see your therapist as soon as possible afterwards to capitalize upon the results.

From my perspective, even though the treatment was incredible I’m reviewing the doctor and the practice because I wouldn’t say, give a rating based on whether Prozac worked for me or not. Regardless of individual results in terms of professionalism and care, he can’t be beat. If you’re going to try this treatment, this is someone you can trust. Out of all the doctors out there offering this service he was also the least ‘car salesy.’ Comparatively, I felt absolutely no pressure to sign up for multiple treatments, to extend any beyond my comfort or means, no gimmicks, or any pressure sales techniques which is very important and comforting when addressing the needs of something as expensive as this and personal as depression.

He’s very accessible, very communicative, caring and very interested in knowing the patients care outside of his service which also says a lot about his ethics and his practice. I’m so glad I found him and I truly can’t recommend him enough.

Jennifer Hernandez

Thank goodness we found Ketamine Healing. If you suffer as I do from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, then Ketamine Healing is heaven sent! Dr. Mahjoubi is the absolute best! He is thorough with his exam and will let you know what is your best course of treatment. If you are like I and have looked everywhere for help, look no more. Dr. Mahjoubi is your answer. Suffer no more!

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