Rick H.

I was really blessed that my wife scoured the internet for days and found Ketamine healing clinic and Dr. Mahjoubi. I’ve had 4 treatments so far and the pain relief benefits are very special. I’ve been to all the pain mgmt doctors where I live, which is in Palmdale (so I have a long drive to get to the ketamine clinic but it’s worth every minute of it) Dr mahjoubi is so caring and professional I just can’t say enough. he calls you the day after to make sure you’re feeling okay and ask you questions gives you plenty of time to ask him questions he’s definitely the best doctor I’ve ever been to and his product is excellent. I would recommend this clinic to all my family & friends (as well as ANYBODY!)
The new offices are very comfortable. The recliners versus the old bed is so much of an improvement it’s so comfortable I feel like I’m at home. the rest of the furniture is also inviting but very charming, I feel at home there. And as usual the services offered here are THE BEST! as I have said before I would recommended this office to anyone fighting depression or in chronic pain.

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