Amanda J.

It can be hard to find reviews from Ketamine infusion patients because of the stigma still connected to depression & mental illness. As Dr. Mahjoubi’s RN & someone who has long suffered from depression & a long family line of mental illness, I can testify that Dr. Mahjoubi, & the treatment he offers, are life changing.
I have not personally undergone ketamine therapy, but I have seen its benefits in patients under the care of Dr. Mahjoubi.

Dr. Mahjoubi truly cares. He spends a lot of time on the phone & in person with his patients. He believes in ketamine infusion & wants the best for his patients. He wants to see them feel better & go on to live their best lives.

Some of Dr. Mahjoubi’s patients come to him after having negative experiences at other ketamine clinics. Those patients have verbalized to me that their other ketamine infusion experiences have been poor, that those clinics were “just in it for the money” and they felt real care & results with Dr. Mahjoubi.

A patient told me just today that, finally, after her ketamine infusions with Dr. Mahjoubi, she was experiencing “real joy”. That statement broke my heart, but mostly, I felt thrilled for her.

Dr. Mahjoubi is kind, sincere, & knowledgeable. His clinic is clean, comfortable, & a safe place to get well.

I would recommend Dr. Mahjoubi to anyone I love with refractory depression or pain. In a city of scams & quick fixes, Dr. Mahjoubi is the real deal.

It’s time to feel joy. You deserve it. You’re worth it. Dr. Mahjoubi can help.

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