Andrea W.

Dr. Mahjoubi is a wonderful doctor. I came in with some reservations….do I really want to try this new form of therapy for depression? I had heard about ketamine from a Ted talk and the more I thought about it and talked with people who had undergone the therapy, the more I realized it may be something that could help my depression that has been lifetime and has poorly responded to medication. Talking with the Dr. of the phone at first, I felt very confident in him knowing what he is doing and he was incredibly professional. Coming to the office, I felt even more assured meeting him and the caring and helping staff.
I have to say, the treatments are hard to describe, something hard to write about but in the end….I do feel better. Things that used to really bother me and I would ruminate on, seem to have disappeared. I wake up with energy and seem to have a lot less of isolation which is how my depression manifested itself. I went to a party this weekend and actually talked and engaged with many people and felt totally at ease.
5 stars for the doctor who could not have been nicer and more caring, and 5 stars for this amazing treatment that I feel is something that could (and I hope) will become mainstream for the great results I have experienced.

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