Cali L.

I am so grateful to have found the Ketamine Healing Clinics of Los Angeles and Dr.Mahjoubi. I have been getting ketamine treatments since 2017. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety for years now that caused suicidal thoughts. I first started inter muscular treatments at a holistic healing clinic which I found to be very beneficial and relieving. I would get a shot of ketamine in my arm about once every month, for two years, skipping some months when I felt I was doing well. I tried ketamine because it was explained to me that it works in your brain similarly to anti depressants but with less side effects and longer lasting results. I definitely felt the benefits and felt that after each session I was more connected to the feeling of gratitude and joy for being alive. After two years I felt that the IM treatments were not as helpful as they were in the beginning. I then had a friend tell me about the Ketamine Healing Clinic and how the IV treatments were profoundly beneficial in relieving suicidal tendencies and everyday depression. I decided to do the IV treatment plan and I am more than thankful I did. The IV treatments helped me release so much trauma I had been carrying in my mind and body. The treatments can be intense because sometimes you face things that are painful, but you then realize it’s purpose in your life and that it had a lesson to teach you. It is very helpful in self reflection. I feel my brain is being retrained to feel happy and hopeful. I received the nasal spray and that has truly been a life saver for me. When I feel out of control and upset and bad thoughts start to creep in, I can lay down and use my spray and I’m immediately reminded that everything is okay and that I am safe. I truly would recommend it to anyone who suffers from suicidal tendencies. If I hadn’t had this spray when I went through a really traumatic time last summer, I don’t know how I would have gotten through. And this is coming from someone who is very holistic and has never been a fan of western medicine. This is the one treatment I swear by in having good mental health. Even for people who don’t suffer from depression and anxiety, I feel it is beneficial to everyone. It makes you realize what’s truly important and where we can let things go that are bothering us. I also just want to commend the staff at the Ketamine healing clinic. They are so kind, compassionate, and understanding. I trust Dr.Mahjoubi and am very grateful for his help. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment if you are desperately in need of a life change for the better. I will say again Ketamine Healing has saved my life and cured my suicidal episodes. The treatments are comfortable, safe, and completely worth it.

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