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For anyone who is thinking of trying ketamine infusions, we just wanted to say how highly we think of Dr. Mahjoubi and his staff.

First, let me start by saying that my partner has dealt with long term depression on and off for most of his life. He was diagnosed with dysthymia and had previously tried traditional methods such as Prozac. Prozac made him feel “not like himself”.

We looked last year at the option of ketamine infusions. Then, a few months ago I decided to call Dr. Mahjoubi’s office. He, himself, called me back and spoke to me on the phone for over 20 minutes, answering every question that we had. He and his staff are professional and he has excellent bedside manner.

When we came to the office, he made us feel comfortable and informed. My partner went through the 5 ketamine infusions and is now on the nasal spray as of last week. We are hoping this will help with his long-term depression. My partner was initially skeptical. But after the second visit, he actually began to look forward to going!


What a difference the spray and this experience on the whole has made in our lives. For the first time, my partner has felt a “peace” that he has not felt before. He said his mind is not constantly racing like he says it usually is. He can “turn it off”. He has remained calm at work during difficult situations and at home and has begun to look forward to doing activities in life. He said the other day was the first time he could actually enjoy gardening rather than worrying about life in general. He said he was able to “let things go” and enjoy the moment.

Dr. Mahjoubi and his staff have made a world of difference in our lives and we look forward to seeing them.

We wanted to leave this review for anyone thinking of trying this as an option. We couldn’t recommend Dr. Mahjoubi and his staff more. Thank you Dr. Mahjoubi and staff for being a ray of hope for people dealing with long-term depression!

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