Dan N.

My sister received the ketamine infusions with Dr. Mahjoubi after 20 years of severe depression which seemed to have developed a resistance to the meds. We were skeptical at first about Ketamine but Dr. Mahjoubi really is in it to help people, and boy did it help. Her depression seemed like it was almost gone after just one session and got better with each session for the 5 total sessions. Dr. Mahjoubi clearly explains how and why he tailors infusions for each patient, and explained to us why each person is different and shouldn’t just be given a predetermined amount of Ketamine. After the infusions she was placed on the nasal Ketamine spray and that has continued the amazing benefits she received with the infusions. Its been 2 months and she’s been doing great. I’ve got my sister back!! I asked him why Ketamine pills or under the tongue ketamine wasn’t prescribed and he mentioned how he’s seen how much more effective the spray is compared to the oral route. All in all, I really recommend Dr Mahjoubi, not only because he knows his stuff and is a miracle worker, but also because he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like some of the other Ketamine centers around town.

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