Jason K.

The only thing that helped my depression! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mahjoubi and his Ketamine treatment plan. After hitting new lows in my depression, I had had enough. I scoured the web to read about possible new treatments for what I was suffering from and came across a lot of news articles about Ketamine. After doing a bit more research and exploring various local doctors, I came across Dr. Mahjoubi’s site. His site answered almost all my questions and he was extremely reachable by phone to answer the lingering ones I had. I decided to come in for a treatment and I was so glad I did. After the first treatment, I knew something was working because I felt happier, more energized, more focused; it felt like I was activating parts of my brain that went dormant long ago. I went for four more sessions and the fog that I used to feel seems permanently lifted. I think it’s been over 6 months since my last treatment and I can’t believe I was in that fog for so long. It’s literally one of the best things I’ve ever done and changed me as a person. If any of my symptoms return, I know where to go… Dr. Mahjoubi and his staff are seriously the best!

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