Julie S.

My experience with Ketamine Healing Clinic has been extraordinary. I started during one the the most painful times of my life. In despair. I had tried a number of meds which helped a little bit but nothing sustaining. I was trying EMDR which was interesting and bringing up a lot of emotions for me – which I wound up taking into my infusions and working through.
I felt so much better after my first infusion it’s hard to describe. The pain was gone. Not all the feelings but the pain that felt like a knife in my chest for so long was gone. It was lifted. The sessions themselves were amazing experiences – and mostly pretty joyous, though I can see how they could be unsettling at first to someone who had never experienced anything like it.
I finished a set of 5 infusions about a week ago and I feel better than I can remember feeling in years. It doesn’t numb my feelings and it doesn’t cause euphoria, but the hopefulness and peace it has brought me has opened up all this potential and joy. I actually find myself thinking -“I’m so happy, I’m so excited for life.” I seriously can’t remember the last time I thought that.

The whole staff is wonderful and caring. They really listen and spend time with you. It’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than any other place I’ve seen locally. And in any case I couldn’t possibly put a price on what it has done for me. It makes me feel like I’d like to become a ketamine advocate because this treatment LITERALLY changes and even saves people’s lives. Hopefully the FDA will sanction its use for this treatment because the only thing that upsets me about it is how unfair it is that so many people can’t afford it yet.

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