Ken D.

Dr. Mahjoubi is experienced, caring and available. These are the most important things I seek when looking for a doctor. He sits down with me at both the beginning and end of each treatment and asks enough questions to get a clear picture of how I reacted to the prior treatment and to understand how I’m doing now. His assistant Kianna is amazing and it’s clear she genuinely cares that I’m comfortable. I spoke with Dr. Mahjoubi on the phone two times before I was ready to come in for treatment. Neither time did I ever feel pressured to make an appointment or commit to a treatment. I had also spoken with another clinic who relentlessly followed up with me and kept sending me forms to complete even after I began treatment with Dr. Mahjoubi. Regarding the Ketamine experience itself, it has been transformative. I’ve had severe treatment resistant depression and also PTSD for the last 20+ years. I’ve tried dozens of anti-depressants and med combinations and never gotten anything better than mediocre results. Ketamine is something completely different and has been extremely helpful.

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