Kerry S.

Fantastic doctor, fantastic clinic. I think it’s some point I’m going to write a long review but for now I wanted to spread the word as quickly as possible. I’ve had the occasion see more than one clinic and I can assure you this is the most personalized, professional, comfortable and state of the art facility that I have seen.

The fact that you meet with an anesthesiologist with an impressive resume (it’s on his website) and that he sees you personally at each visit is a huge asset.

The rooms where the infusions take place are spotlessly clean and they seem to pay great attention to sterilization; during these days of COVID-19 that is obviously paramount. Treatments are giving while you are sitting in a very comfortable powered recliner with a 90° to 180° range. Obviously I can’t recommend highly enough, if you have any of the conditions that ketamine is known to treat this should be The first, and probably only, facility you should look into.

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