L.L. M.

Had my first ketamine IV session for my chronic treatment-resistant depression three days ago. I have had years of therapy, multiple meds, and I’m DONE! Have to break out of this debilitating illness. So I made an appt, got in same day. Reception area average, no wait, office staff distracted, a bit noisy. Dr Majoub was wonderful – kind, good listener, informative, relaxed, very professional, thorough intake, answered all questions. No pain with needle, session was wonderful (personal). Some sweating/nausea on Lyft ride home. Next day I woke up feeling centered, calm, positive and noticeable lack of heavy sadness. Going back for my second session soon.

Almost 2 years later!! – still cured, using nasal ketamine daily. So happy I did this treatment. 7/20/19

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