M F.

I completed 5 sessions a few weeks ago and wanted to give myself some time to reflect and process the progress I’ve made with my anxiety before writing a review. In short, 5 hours spent in Dr. Mahjoubi’s clinic did more for me than an entire year of cognitive behavioral therapy and waaaay more than any benzodiazepine ever could. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect during a ketamine experience, but all apprehension was quelled by Dr. Mahjoubi’s patience and expertise in addressing any questions I had. I’ve met a few doctors in my life but not many are willing to take the time to connect with you on a personal level, which just makes the entire experience more impactful. When my sessions were over, Dr. Mahjoubi stuck around to talk with me about my experience. What I enjoyed about these chats was it wasn’t as if I was being examined by a psychologist trying to dig into the root of my problems, but rather I was having a conversation with a friend who was helping me process my emotional reaction at my own pace. There’s a warmth to Dr. Mahjoubi’s care that’s entirely genuine that I’m not sure I would have gotten at the first clinic I looked into. Now three weeks removed from my last session, my anxiety levels are down about 90% and and I’m rarely plagued with the anxious buzzing than was impeding my contentment. I’ll likely update this post in a year from now to report on the long term effects, but as far as the short term is concerned, choosing Dr. Mahjoubi’s clinic was the best choice I’ve made in a long time.

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