Rose E.

All of the great reviews you read are real. I’m so glad I found Dr. Mahjoubi. He was made for this job. I always felt that he cared for me as a person and wanted to me to have a positive experience. He has the perfect bedside manner with a calm, reassuring voice. He recognizes the value of the spiritual and psychological experience of the infusions as much as the physical one. You can tell that he enjoys being able to help people in this manner. His staff is great, especially Anastasia, who is thoughtful and kind, anticipating my every need. She frequently checked in with my ride who was waiting in the lobby, offering him water etc. His prices are very fair and lower than most of the other clinics. I gained a lot from my ketamine experience here. I first went to another clinic not far away who would not treat me unless I first signed a mandatory, binding arbitration agreement agreeing to never sue the doctor, no matter what happens. Don’t ever sign one of those, kids. They’re problematic on so many levels. Google it and you’ll see why. I refused and drove an hour home without treatment. Thankfully I found Dr. Mahjoubi right away and it turned out to be serendipity. He is always very responsive to answer questions or share information. If you’ve decided to try ketamine, Dr. Mahjoubi is where you want to go.

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