Sasha K.

After researching several options for infusions, I contacted Dr. M. He worked with me to find the best solution for me. His response to my questions and ability to listen and connect with me as his patient is unmatched. He is truly a healer. Patient. Calm. Reassuring.

I have had years of complicated chronic pain (fibromyalgia, endometriosis, back problems, knee problems–a lot of neuropathic pain) and had my first infusion yesterday. The experience was so pleasant. I recommend going in with an open mind and a positive outlook. Though the infusion lasted for several hours, it felt like 30 minutes to me.

I know it’s too early to really tell, but I had the first pain free night of sleep last night in months, and zero pain today. I haven’t had to take any opioid medication today. I am excited to see how the maintenance spray helps, hoping I can reduce my opioid medication or at least it will be more effective in conjunction with the spray. I will definitely go back to Dr. M for another infusion in the future. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you so much!!!!!

I will update in a few months regarding my ongoing treatment and its efficacy. Hopefully this will help others who are at their wits end and not getting results or answers from more “traditional” medicines.

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