Victor G.

I’ve undergone one round of treatment with Dr. Mahjoubi after completing a series with another practitioner. The level of care,compassion, empathy, dignity, and respect, and down right personalization is unsurpassed and undeniable. The other place served its purpose and puts fourth an effort to provide these things but it seems less genuine and/ or not quite as authentic but at the end of the day, it still seemed more so about the money with the other place. Granted, it’s still a business but it’s apparent that it’s not all about the money with Dr. Mahjoubi.
It’s difficult to explain but the difference is palpable in just the subtleties.

I wish I would have undergone my entire series with Dr. Mahjoubi but I’ll definitely be seeing him from here on out for my follow ups and boosters.

The process took a little bit longer but I can appreciate and understand why. It’s because he takes his time with his patients as opposed to just “making his rounds”.

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