At-Home Oral/Nasal Ketamine Therapy Program – Nutrabrain™

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Why Nutrabrain is different from other online Ketamine programs:

  • After successful completion of the Nutrabrain protocol, you qualify for our prescription program, which is $62 a month.
  • Going into our 9th year, we are one of the oldest and most renowed Ketamine treatment centers in the world.
  • Our Medical Director Dr. David Mahjoubi, MD is considered a pioneer in the field of Ketamine treatment.
  • We work with top-rated Psychologists specializing in Ketamine Assisted Therapy who can guide you through your jouney (not required). We also have a former Buddist Monk if you prefer the spiritual route.

How it works?

Complete a video consultation with our psychiatric Nurse Practioner Morgan.
Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy, who will then send you tablets for one treatment a week x 4 weeks – the Nutrabrain Protocol.
If you’re feeling much better, wonderful! If you would like to repeat the treatment, you’ll just have re-evaluation with our Nurse Practioner, and get sent another one month Nutrabrain protocol supply.
After successful completion of the Nutrabrain protocol you may receive our at home ketamine prescription in either nasal spray or oral form.


  • First months protocol – $700
  • Second months protocol – $600
  • Prescription thereafter – $62 per month

Get Started or contact us to find out more: or (949) 514-8261.

Note: *IV Ketamine is superior to oral or nasal ketamine in terms of efficacy. We have created this program for those who are physically unable to come to our two clinics in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.