Breaking Alcohol Addiction with Ketamine

21st January 2018
Los Angeles CA Doctor that Provides Ketamine Treatments

Do you have an addiction to alcohol? Has drinking negatively impacted any part of your life? Is there a relationship that is suffering because you drink too much or too often? Do you have to include drinking in an activity for it to be fun? Do you only associate with people who drink?

Dependence on alcohol threatens every area of a person’s life and can have devastating consequences. It is estimated that nearly 15 million Americans struggle with alcoholism. For people suffering from addiction to beer, wine, or liquor, ketamine for alcoholism may be the answer.

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles helps people withdrawal from alcohol and get sober. At our premiere, state-of-the-art healing center, our compassionate and skilled team will put you at ease during your IV infusion. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the doctor will customize a plan for the quantity of ketamine and the duration of each treatment.

Ketamine therapy acts quickly to help people who suffer from alcoholism to disassociate the alcohol-related memories that may trigger them to drink in the first place. Research studies show that there are key pleasurable associations that drinkers make that trigger their desire to drink more. Whether it’s a certain restaurant or bar, going to a concert, or a particular smell, happy memories are often associated with drinking.

Breaking addiction is difficult to do. You don’t have to do it alone. We help people break the cycle of alcohol addiction and sustain their sobriety. In addition, it has been proven to temper the mood swings and anxiety that accompanies the withdrawal.

If you or someone you love needs help overcoming an addiction to alcohol, call us at the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles. For the best outcome, we recommend three IV infusions within 14 days. At the conclusion of your IV treatments, Dr. Mahjoubi will send you home with a ketamine spray that helps you maintain freedom from symptoms indefinitely.

To learn more about how ketamine can give you long-term relief from dependence on alcohol, call us today.

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