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Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy time with your friends and family members. The kids are out of school and everyone looks forward to a summer vacation where memories are made and relationships are deepened. However, for many of you, you may be dreading the thought of taking a family adventure due to your chronic pain.

Chronic pain cannot only affect your physical body, but it can also affect your emotional health as well. Depression typically accompanies chronic pain due to the constant strain that is put on your body daily. It can wear you down and cause you to want to “tap out” of every situation. Here you can read more information by WedMD about common symptoms of chronic pain.

Your family wants you to join them this year on their summer adventures. There is hope for you and your family to enjoy time together. Ketamine IV treatments for chronic pain offer our patients freedom from the pain that is holding them back from the activities they want to enjoy.

You may have already tried to take medication for your chronic pain. Many times the medications taken for chronic pain come with a long list of side effects and even are addictive.

If you have tried medications or physical therapy to treat your chronic pain and it is not working, contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles. We’d love to help you discover how Ketamine therapy can relieve your depression and chronic pain in as little as one visit.

Contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles today, so your chronic pain will not inhibit you or your family’s summer plans.

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