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No one ever plans on developing an addiction to alcohol. Most people begin drinking for the effects that alcohol has on the body. Whether it is a feeling of relaxation, a euphoric feeling, or a feeling of detachment – getting a sense of empowerment is generally why people continue to go back to alcohol for. While some people are able to separate their feelings from their consumption of alcohol, many people turn to alcohol because of their feelings. They use alcohol to avoid feelings of stress, anger, depression, sadness, or anxiety. Alcoholism generally stems from the body’s craving for continued use of alcohol and the mind’s inability to face feelings without it.

Alcoholism, also referred to as alcohol dependence, can have devastating effects on your health, your mental status, your relationships, your job, and your overall life. Knowing this in your head does not make freeing yourself from the addiction any easier. In fact, many people with an alcohol addiction find that “trying and failing” to resolve their dependence on alcohol makes things worse. The “failing” to overcome addiction can lead to a greater mental dependence on alcohol. At Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we help those who want to break the cycle of alcoholism. Our clinic offers patients freedom from alcohol through effective ketamine treatments.

The most difficult aspect of overcoming any type of addiction is typically not the physical dependence. Being in a safe atmosphere with support is often all a person needs to overcome the “shakes” and the physical separation from alcohol. Finding a way to avoid succumbing to the emotional and environmental triggers that can lead you back to using alcohol is the most difficult thing to overcome. Ketamine treatments have been effective in helping people who are dependent on alcohol sustain sobriety, disassociate alcohol cravings, and minimize emotional triggers that can interrupt their rehabilitation process.

At Ketamine Healing Clinic in Los Angeles, we offer safe, high-dosage IV ketamine treatments to those who are fighting to overcome alcoholism. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to a life free from alcohol addiction today.

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