Ketamine May Prevent Intrusive Thoughts from Controlling Your Life

7th June 2022
Depressed woman suffering from suffer from intrusive thoughts sitting on a coach.

Do you suffer from intrusive thoughts? Some mental health conditions, such as OCD and anxiety disorders, can result in repetitive thoughts that are involuntary in nature. If your life is dominated by negative compulsions or notions, ketamine may offer relief.

It is currently unclear how exactly ketamine works. The most compelling evidence suggests that the drug affects receptors in the brain. A ketamine infusion has been shown to reduce or eliminate intrusive thoughts, allowing the patient to live a normal life.

In the field of psychology, identifying fast acting treatments for mental health conditions is crucial. Compulsive or intrusive thoughts can lead to self-harm and suicide. Early intervention is recommended to help patients achieve respite from potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Traditional Mental Health Treatments

The purpose of most antidepressants is to raise serotonin levels in the brain. Unfortunately, these drugs take time to bear results. In the meantime, individuals suffering from mental health issues will continue to experience debilitating symptoms.

Ketamine infusion is fast-acting, with participants in medical trials reporting relief from symptoms within hours. Intrusive thoughts are typically eliminated for weeks after treatment. Antidepressants must be taken every day to achieve similar results.

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Intrusive thoughts are often associated with depression and anxiety. Ketamine can help you feel calm and positive, without raising serotonin levels. For many sufferers of mental health conditions, finding rapid relief is life changing.

Finding the right balance of antidepressant or anxiety drugs is challenging. There is also a risk of patients becoming resistant to drugs, resulting in the return of symptoms. Opiates are potentially addictive, which can lead to patients facing withdrawal if medications are changed.

Using a ketamine infusion, we can help you escape depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts and OCD symptoms. This treatment is also effective in helping patients cope with withdrawal. As clinical studies continue, researchers seek to establish more ways to use ketamine in the treatment of mental health.

If you would like to learn more, reach out to Ketamine Healing Center of Los Angles. We look forward to providing you with access to effective treatment at our offices.

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