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Clinical depression affects 6.7% adults in America, and the number of children and teens struggling with depression is growing. Antidepressants bring in a global revenue of almost $17 billion, making it one of the most common drug type on the market. While millions of Americans take antidepressants to battle on-going depression, there is a substantial number of patients for whom this class of drugs does not work like it is intended. Many patients work their way through a lengthy list of available medications for depression, yet they do not respond adequately to the available treatments. With this rate being about 30%, this is considered to be a high failure rate for a specific class of drugs designed to improve a person’s well-being and ability to function.

In order to find a treatment that works for that 30%, doctors and psychiatrists have been doing major research to find a solution. Ketamine treatment is one of the newest ways that is being harnessed to treat depression for the 30% of people who do not respond to the standard treatment options. This drug has been around for over 50 years, and it is used in a wide variety of medical settings. Treating Major Depression, Chronic Pain (e.g. Fibromyalgia), and mood irregularities with Ketamine is proving to be a major breakthrough. Ketamine acts by working on receptors that are unique to its affinity and most importantly, non-addictive.

There are two main concerns for that 30% who does not respond to standard depression treatment.

  1. They will turn to something else to numb their pain. Many people who suffer from depression turn to alcohol or recreational drugs to dissociate from their pain.
  2. They will consider, attempt, or successfully commit suicide. Many depression sufferers who feel that they cannot find another solution are at a very high risk for suicide.

Ketamine works differently than commonly used antidepressants, making it a very beneficial option to treat patients with suicidal thoughts. Ketamine acts quickly, while most standard depression treatment options take weeks to take full effect.

At Ketamine Healing, we are at the forefront of the use of intravenous Ketamine to treat patients who are battling depression. Please do not suffer any longer without help. Contact Ketamine Healing today.

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