Ketamine Treatments for CRPS: Are They Effective?

22nd September 2021
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Ketamine treatments for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are becoming more popular as they help more and more people experience relief from daily pain. While these treatments are still undergoing extensive medical studies to understand the full benefits, it’s easy to see the proven results from other patients who have undergone ketamine IV infusions. Are they suitable for you? Are they effective? Let’s look.

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?

CRPS is not very well understood. It seems to be most common after some kind of trauma, be it an injury, surgery or significant health events such as a heart attack or stroke. The pain is often felt on only one side of the body, in the arms or legs. But oddly, the pain may shift over time.

Providers often look for other signs of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome like changes in the color or texture of the skin in the affected area, temperature changes or a feeling of pins and needles. Some patients experience tremors or a loss of coordination.

Traditional Treatment Options

Most providers turn to traditional treatment options for CRPS. These treatments are similar to those for chronic pain in general and are sometimes not as effective against this type, specifically. They include physical therapy, pain medications, nerve blocks and others. Some patients try homeopathic or more holistic treatments for pain management like acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal supplements and many more.

How is Ketamine Different?

Ketamine is a sedative often used during anesthesia when performing surgery. When given in much smaller doses, it causes relaxation and slows down the overactive nervous system from causing unexplained pain. By starting at the center of the nervous system, the brain, neurotransmitters are stopped, slowed down or “reset” so that the pain signals aren’t felt, or are not felt as strongly.

What to Expect from Ketamine Infusions

IV infusions of ketamine typically take several hours, and you receive an infusion for several days in a row. The dose starts low and is gradually increased. You will be monitored closely during your time receiving the infusion, for safety and to determine how well it’s working for you. Many patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that have found little or no relief with traditional pain management methods have experienced drastic improvements with ketamine treatments. During and shortly after an infusion, you may experience temporary side effects that are usually managed with medication.

The Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles specializes in ketamine IV infusions, and they may be able to treat the pain associated with CRPS effectively. To learn more, schedule your appointment today.

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