6th February 2018
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There are typical signs and symptoms of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Most of these signs of symptoms result in a repetition of behaviors as a result of unreasonable thoughts, fears and obsessions. These repetitive behaviors often interfere with daily activities and can create a great amount of distress for the person suffering from it.

Most people who suffer from OCD struggle with embarrassment and shame because they are unable to discontinue the cycle of behaviors that can disrupt and even harm themselves.

Obsessions associated with OCD are related to your thoughts. These uninvited thoughts may cause you stress and anxiety and tend to climb to the top of the list of anything else you’d like to think about. The obsessions are like a large blanket that covers over any other thoughts that wish to emerge. Many obsessions involve contamination, disorder, self-harm, aggression, and doubts.

Compulsions associated with OCD are related to your actions. The behaviors and actions are meant to help control your obsessive thoughts and the anxiety related to it. Ironically, the compulsions may not be associated with the obsessions and can actually perpetuate the original obsession with other harmful effects. The compulsions may involve excessive cleaning, checking, counting, organization, strict routines and the need for constant assurance.

The severity of OCD in each person varies greatly. If you have been diagnosed with OCD, call our team at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles. Our patients experience a calming effect from their OCD in as little as one treatment. Contact our office today.

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