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Despite being one of the most widely used anesthetics in the world and being deemed an “essential medicine” by the World Health Organization since 1985, many people do not have first-hand experience with ketamine therapy. This lack of experience, along with some common misconceptions, can discourage many who would be ideal candidates from pursuing potentially life-changing treatment. Knowing what to expect from ketamine therapy can dispel those misconceptions.

What is Ketamine, and How Can it Help Me?

The long-term safety of ketamine has long been established over more than half a century of global use in a variety of settings. But research on the potential benefits of ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression began in 2000. Research supports the use of ketamine to aid in the management of several chronic conditions, including migraines, chronic pain and PTSD.

Ketamine is extremely safe and well-researched. Use in human medicine is not experimental, though this human medication is the most commonly used veterinary anesthetic. While it is sometimes used as an illicit substance in a recreational setting due to its dissociative effects, the experience in a clinic setting is vastly different.

For people living with a variety of treatable but sometimes intractable conditions like depression, anxiety and PTSD, ketamine can provide very real relief from the most pernicious symptoms. Chronic pain patients often report increased quality of life and noticeable improvement in symptoms as well.

What is Ketamine Therapy Like?

Ketamine therapy is administered intravenously, while your vital signs are monitored by non-invasive equipment throughout the process. Soon after the IV infusion begins, ketamine will begin to have a noticeable effect. You will not lose consciousness during any part of the infusion session, though you will experience mild, but euphoric, hallucinations. In rare cases, some patients may experience brief moments of fear during the infusion, though this can be immediately eased in a clinic setting.

Because the dissociative and hallucinatory periods are an important part of the therapeutic process, it’s important to pursue ketamine therapy in a legitimate clinical setting with a knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Ketamine Healing Clinic has an expert care team in place, headed up by a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist. If you’re curious what to expect from ketamine therapy or if it’s right for you, call or contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of LA for a free consultation today.

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