Your Ketamine Therapy Questions Answered

15th March 2023

As breakthrough research makes its way to the public, ketamine therapy can feel like a brand new, unproven treatment. The truth is, ketamine has been used safely for more than half a century and is on the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines. It is not a new medication, nor is it an experimental one; recent research is simply uncovering new uses for this proven therapeutic. Because it can be hard to sort through misconceptions and misinformation, though, people with the potential to find life-changing symptom relief may not pursue it.

Why Is Ketamine Therapy So Popular?

Until groundbreaking research began to indicate ketamine therapy could be a powerful treatment for a vast array of chronic conditions, most people were not familiar with ketamine at all. Those who were may have been most familiar with it as a party drug, as it has been used illicitly in club and party settings for many years. This illicit use is highly unsafe, especially mixed with alcohol or other substances, which has unfortunately created a bit of stigma surrounding the drug itself. In a controlled setting with experienced healthcare providers, ketamine is safe.

When scientific research began to support the use of ketamine therapy for many conditions that have been particularly difficult to effectively treat, headlines began to follow. What seems like a flash in the pan is actually the beginning of a far-reaching ripple effect; for so many patients, the results speak for themselves.

How Can I Learn More About Ketamine Therapy?

Before you introduce any new treatment protocol into your wellness plan, it’s always a good idea to do your research. This is especially true in the case of pernicious and damaging conditions like depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders and chronic pain.

At Ketamine Healing of Los Angeles, the focus is on helping you find relief from previously intractable conditions with the power to significantly impact your quality of life. To learn more about this potential breakthrough and to find out if you are a good candidate for ketamine therapy, contact Ketamine Healing of Los Angeles today.

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