Ketamine Side Effects

For those suffering from chronic pain, depression, alcoholism and other mood disorders, ketamine treatment can offer safe and effective relief and could be the right choice for them. At Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we offer customized ketamine treatments for our patients who have not found relief using conventional treatments or want an alternative to medications with debilitating side effects. One of the many benefits of ketamine treatments is the low risk of side effects with a high rate of success in treating many mood and pain disorders.

Ketamine has been safely used for over five decades as an anesthetic. It is on the list of essential medications through the World Health Organization and is considered a safe medication for its anesthetic properties, as well as treatment for various disorders. Ketamine is nonaddictive, which is important to those trying to find alternative treatments to opioids and narcotics for pain, or as a treatment for alcoholism. This treatment is administered through an IV infusion at our Ketamine Healing clinics, with a nasal spray prescribed for supplementary therapy and maintenance.

Safe, Nonaddictive Ketamine Treatment

For most patients, ketamine has no negative side effects. However, there are possible side effects with any medical treatment. Most commonly, some patients may have a headache the day after their IV infusion treatment. We can help dispel this effect with the use of IV Toradol given with ketamine infusions, a medication with similar properties of aspirin. Another possible side effect is nausea, but this is rare. If side effects occur, Dr. Mahjoubi addresses them with the patient to find an acceptable solution.

Ketamine can offer so many benefits with little to no risk of side effects for most patients. If you are looking for an effective option to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain or one of many other ailments benefited by ketamine treatments, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.