Medication Management

It has increasingly become challenging to manage one’s own medications for mood, aka psychotropic medications. From difficulties with getting an appointment with a psychiatrist, to wanting to get off medications safely due to side effects, to just being heard, we understand current times present unique challenges.

Here at the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles and Orange County, our board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Rick Pessagno, can help you with the following:

  • Manage your current psychotropic & Ketamine medication
  • Wean you off psychotropic medication (with or without the help of Ketamine)
  • Ketamine-Assisted Talk Therapy
  • Standard Talk Therapy
  • Prescribe new psychotropic medication if need be

For more information, please contact us at, or 424-278-4241.

More about the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:

Richard PessagnoWith over 20+ years of advance practice psychiatric nursing experience, Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his role as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with the Ketamine Health Clinic. Rick has training as both an individual and group psychotherapist. Rick has been trained by Dr Mahjoubi in Ketamine Medication Management. Rick also provides psychotropic medication management, talk therapy and Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT).

He is licensed by the California Board of Nurse as both a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. He is board certified as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He also holds certification in bereavement trauma and hospice & palliative care. He completed his undergraduate degree in nursing at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC. He has a Masters of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Psychiatric Nursing from the University of Cincinnati, and completed a postgraduate certificate from Vanderbilt University. He completed doctoral studies at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he is Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.