Ketamine Treatments for Migraines in Orange County

If you are fortunate enough not to suffer from migraines, you may not know they are the third most common chronic condition in the world, and the seventh most disabling for those living with the excruciating attacks migraines bring to the table.

For the more than 36 million Americans struggling to manage the symptoms of this condition, living a full life can be a very real challenge. There is currently no known cure for migraine, but there is help. Using ketamine therapy for migraines in Costa Mesa has shown incredible results, leaving some patients with fewer headache days and less pain severity over time.

How Do Ketamine for Migraine Therapies Work?

For some people living with migraine headaches, prescription medication can keep migraines mostly at bay, then treat the pain somewhat when an attack occurs. For others, no preventive medications are particularly effective, nor are any migraine-focused pain relievers.

For these people, ketamine for migraine has the potential to profoundly change their lives. The British Journal of Pharmacology goes as far as to say, “Current data on short-term infusions indicate that ketamine produces potent analgesia during administration only, while three studies on the effect of prolonged infusion (4–14 days) show long-term analgesic effects up to 3 months following infusion.”

Orange County Ketamine for Migraine Therapy

People who live with chronic migraines and have been otherwise incapable of finding relief from other treatment options are often ideal candidates for migraine ketamine therapy in Costa Mesa. Only a consultation with an expert can let you know for sure whether you’re likely to benefit from ketamine therapy.

Ready to have fewer headache days and an arsenal at your disposal, should one slip past your defenses? Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County can help. An expert care team with a board certified anesthesiologist at the helm ensures each and every therapeutic session is designed expressly for the unique body it will be administered to for peak effectiveness. Call or contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County today to learn more.