Ketamine Treatment for OCD in Orange County

How much of your life in Costa Mesa do you spend completing elaborate rituals or repeatedly washing your hands? Constant intrusive thoughts and other symptoms can make it feel almost impossible to live the life you want. While there are a large number of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder who do respond to treatment, many others simply do not. Fortunately, there is another choice.

Researchers using ketamine therapy for OCD treatments found this therapeutic intervention capable of alleviating OCD symptoms quickly and dramatically, particularly in the area of intrusive thoughts. Where psychopharmacological interventions may take weeks and even months to work, or worse, never work at all, ketamine has shown to be a source of rapid relief.

How Ketamine for OCD Can Help with Intrusive Thoughts

While millions of Americans with and without mental health diagnoses report experiencing intrusive thoughts, and millions more are estimated to never disclose them to a healthcare provider, they are particularly difficult for those living with certain mental health conditions. OCD is only one mental health condition linked to intrusive thoughts, but these thoughts are often the most difficult aspect to manage.

Randomized controlled trials have discovered the effects from a single dose of IV ketamine produce anti-OCD effects that persist for more than one week in some patients, particularly those with intrusive thoughts.

Orange County Treatment with Ketamine for OCD

You want to reduce the intensity of your symptoms, to hopefully minimize intrusive thoughts and feel better on a daily basis. A sense of whole-body wellness can be almost impossible to cultivate when you are also living with the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County provides innovative IV ketamine for OCD therapy through a dedicated care team supervised by a board certified anesthesiologist. After a consultation to determine your needs and whether ketamine therapy is likely to be right for you, your therapy will be customized to the unique needs of your individual body.

If you are ready to see if ketamine for OCD therapy can help improve your quality of life in Costa Mesa, contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County today. Learn more about this revolutionary therapy, and book your consultation to explore your options.