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Hypervigilance, night terrors, isolation, persistent fear and severe anxiety. These are just a small sampling of the things people living with PTSD deal with daily. The condition can be difficult to treat and difficult to manage, but a flood of research supports taking a different approach with ketamine therapy for PTSD.

Why Ketamine? For PTSD Survivors, It Really Can Help

A few fortunate souls can find meaningful healing and relief through pharmaceutical intervention and talk therapy. For others, treatment is not always so straightforward. However, emerging research shows a decades-old anesthetic on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines may be the answer. Ketamine for PTSD has been heavily researched, and science supports its use in this capacity.

The first indications ketamine might play a role in the management of post-traumatic stress disorder was discovered in the 1990s, when soldiers injured in battle who were treated while anesthetized with ketamine did not develop PTSD at the same rate as soldiers who had other types of anesthesia.

Ketamine can activate what is essentially a circuit in the brain that plays a role in resistance to stress and resilience. By blocking NMDA-glutamate receptors, ketamine can mimic a hard reset, restoring the balance necessary for the glutamate neurotransmission pathway to function properly.

Ketamine also seems to stimulate growth of specific regions in the brain and is especially effective at repairing the areas of the brain that handle long-term memory and emotion.

Ketamine for PTSD in Orange County

If you or a loved one in Costa Mesa live with PTSD, there is a likely chance you have already tried a variety of treatments with varying degrees of success. Ketamine for PTSD is different; it literally rebuilds connections in the brain destroyed by stress and trauma.

A life without unbearable symptoms is not unattainable; ketamine for PTSD can aid you in that quest. If you are ready to try something different for your post-traumatic stress disorder, Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County can help. Staffed by an expert care team and headed up by a board certified anesthesiologist, the clinic provides treatment plans tailored to your unique needs as a patient. From one-time treatments to multiple-phase plans, there are so many options for taking back your life. Contact Ketamine Healing Clinic of Orange County today to learn more.

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