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Seth Monk - former Buddhist Monk

Seth Monk, former Buddhist Monk, is a meditation teacher, spiritual guide and energy healer. He has studied with His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama and the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. Before settling in Los Angeles, Seth worked on the Wellness Program at MIT, Blue Cross Health Insurance, and public high schools in Massachusetts. He now works with people one on one, leads retreats, and guides sessions at Unplug Meditation, The Mindry, The Calming Spot, and the Peace Yoga Gallery. Seth can also be heard on Insight Timer and Spotify.

Seth utilizes his two decades of spiritual training to assist and guide clients through emotional releases, mental blocks, spiritual obstacles, and energetic shifts. With the help of Ketamine, people are able to think “deeper” about past, or current, issues, and speak more freely during a guided session.

For inquiries regarding at-home or in-office guided Ketamine sessions with Seth, please call/text 424-278-4241. Or email [email protected].

For more about Seth Monk, visit, or scan the following QR code with your phone’s camera:

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