Ventura County Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Millions of people suffer from major depression, yet many are unable to find relief from conventional treatments. Psychotherapy and medications for depression do not always work or may bring with them negative side effects. If you live in or near Ventura County, CA, there is another option for treating major depression. Ketamine Healing Clinic and offers innovative ketamine treatments for depression that are safe and effective.

What is ketamine? Ketamine has been used since the 1960’s as an anesthetic and since the 1990’s for mood disorders and chronic pain. This unique medication is administered at our clinics through an IV ketamine infusion that offers almost immediate results for depression. Many of our patients wake from their first treatment with a sense of calmness and an elevation in mood. Over three treatments in a two-week period, most of our patients find relief from their depression symptoms and maintain this relief with our supplementary therapy. We have treated many patients from the Ventura County area with a 90 percent success rate.

Help for Patients with TRD – Treatment-Resistant Depression

Have you tried everything to overcome your depression without success? Treatment-Resistant Depression, or TRD, can be frustrating and add to your symptoms of hopelessness. Ketamine treatments have been found to be effective for those with TRD. Many people who have tried different types of antidepressants and other therapies without any relief from their symptoms have excellent success with ketamine treatments. Our clinic near Ventura County offers the highest dose of ketamine in the country in a safe infusion for the best results.

Depression can impact almost every area of your life. Put an end to your depression and begin living your life to the fullest again with ketamine treatments. Contact Ketamine Healing Clinic near Ventura County today to schedule your consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for ketamine treatments for depression.