Comparing Ketamine Therapy to Traditional Treatments

21st November 2022
Doctor revising test results to give diagnosis and offer therapy in Los Angeles, CA

If you are running out of solutions for dealing with pain or mental health issues, ketamine therapy could help. For most sufferers of pain and mental health problems, traditional treatments and therapies provide answers. However, there comes a time when an alternative approach is needed.

Research has illustrated that ketamine has benefits for a range of patients. Whether you are suffering from joint pain or PTSD, you are at risk of becoming resistant to your current treatments. Rather than continuing to suffer in silence, change how you engage with wellness.

Mental Health

Your mental health is the power source that keeps all the mechanics of the body and brain working together. Without a sound mind, most people struggle to complete daily activities. Unfortunately, recommended therapies are often exhausting and medications can leave you dull to the world.

With ketamine therapy, you can benefit from a treatment that is stress free and produces double the benefits, in most cases. By acting on the processes that naturally occur in the brain, ketamine can produce a calming effect that lasts.

Sufferers of PTSD, depression, anxiety and more have reported feeling better after ketamine therapy. It is believed to work by disrupting the synaptic processes that produce feelings including anxiety and low self-confidence.

Faster Recovery vs. Low Addiction Risk

Certain drugs can result in addiction. Whether you are suffering from a mental or physical sickness, addiction is never ideal. Painkillers and other opioids are highly addictive, leaving users dependent or more likely to seek highs from more illicit drugs.

Ketamine therapy can help reduce or eliminate the reliance on these drugs. You get to receive the same benefits without the hangover associated with addiction. There is also a reduced risk of becoming “immune” to the effects of ketamine therapy, making this option more viable to those who are concerned about addiction or reduction in efficacy.

Ketamine Therapy Specialists

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ketamine therapy, reach out to the Ketamine Healing Clinic in Los Angeles. We are committed to offering you solutions that compliment or replace your current treatment options.

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