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Patients with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, or Alcoholism:

At the Ketamine Healing Clinic, we have an 85-95% success rate (depending on the condition being treated) with our 5-6 infusion protocol. We generally recommend the initial infusion series be completed within three weeks, which is based on the original study assessing ketamines efficacy. In general, the IV route of administration is superior to the oral (troche), nasal or intramuscular route, and this is due to the greater bioavailability and increased processing time with the IV route.

Advanced Personalized Ketamine Protocol: Get in Touch

$700 – 75 min IV Ketamine Infusion (+ Ketamine nasal spray consultation after the fifth infusion for eligible patients).
*Note: You are not charged up front, and can choose the number of infusions you’d like, although we recommend 4-6. For any infusion after the 5th, the price is $495/infusion (or $387.50/infusion with membership plan).

Maintenance Infusion: *Note: Applicable for patients who have completed five infusions at the Ketamine Healing Clinic, or can show proof of 5 infusions at another clinic.

$495 – One IV Ketamine infusion (75 minutes).


You must have completed five infusions with our clinics, or present proof of five infusions (IM injections and Spravato are acceptable) from another ketamine clinic, to qualify.

Twelve Session Membership – $4650
12 IV Ketamine infusions at $387.50 per infusion. Infusions do not expire (i.e. they do not need to be used within 12 months) and can be used at both clinics.

Six Session Membership – $2580
6 IV Ketamine infusions at $430 per infusion. Infusions do not expire (i.e. they do not need to be used within 6 months) and can be used at both clinics.

Home Infusions: Single Infusion & Membership

Single 60 min at-home IV Infusion – Inquire
Home Membership / 12 at-home IV Infusions – Inquire

To inquire please call or text 424-278-4241, or email [email protected].

*Note: For patients that have not been seen in the clinic, a complimentary video consultation with the doctor is required.

Chronic Pain Patients:

Generally, pain infusions with Ketamine can successfully be completed via one of two routes:

  • Pain Protocol A (PPA) – 5 infusions over 5-6 days.
  • Pain Protocol B (PPB)- 1 infusion then reassess 48-72 hrs later. Repeat when pain returns.

PPA is typically more effective for longer term pain relief as compared to PPB. However, everyone is different, and for some one infusion may provide adequate pain relief. If you are unsure which protocol to use, but are able to complete five infusions in a short time span, Pain Protocol A will likely give you the best pain relief (assuming your pain is responsive to ketamine). For further questions about how Ketamine can relieve your chronic pain, you may contact us at 424-278-4241 or [email protected].

The amount of Ketamine needed varies significantly between people, and depends on many factors. If you are interested in receiving Ketamine for your chronic pain condition, please call to discuss.

Tier 1


Two Hour IV Ketamine Infusion

Tier 2


Three Hour IV Ketamine Infusion

Tier 3


Four Hour IV Ketamine Infusion

Dosage to be determined by the doctor, and ranges from 100 mg to 1000 mg.

Financing Your Treatment

We offer up to 14 months of interest free financing through Advance Care. Please click on the following link to learn more:

Advance Care Card – Apply Today!


One of the questions we most commonly get asked is “Do you take insurance?” In short, we would take insurance but insurance companies don’t cover the costs of Ketamine infusions, even with “Pre-Authorization.” One option many of our patients use is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) with their Insurance plan. You can take pre-tax dollars and use that budget to pay for the treatments.
An FSA or HSA is a great way to utilize money from your paycheck that is put into a specific account for healthcare use before taxes are taken out. In other words, instead of paying for Ketamine treatments with “after tax” dollars, you’re using “pre-tax” dollars to pay for Ketamine treatments, which will give most people about a 40% discount.

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