Treatment and Cost

For Major Depression, it is highly recommended that 5 treatments be administered over 12-18 days. If you are apprehensive about Ketamine or whether it will work, we can proceed one treatment at a time. Each IV infusion is 60 minutes (longer with infusions for Chronic Pain).

Please note: the intranasal Ketamine spray is prescribed after 3 or more IV infusions under the supervision of Dr. Mahjoubi (infusions completed in the care of another physician are not accepted as a substitute).

Pricing is as follows for Depression and other mood disorders:

Maintenance Infusion


1 Treatment


3 Treatments


5 Treatments


6 Treatments


7 Treatments



Chronic Pain Patients:

One 100mg Treatment 1.5-2 hours


One 250 mg Treatment- 3 to 4 hours


One 400 mg Treatment - 4 to 6 hours


Insurance coverage: The great majority of insurance companies do not pay for IV Ketamine treatments at this time. We are happy to provide a copy of the procedure record and receipt for treatment so that you may attempt to get coverage through insurance. Furthermore, some insurance companies ask for pre-authorization, which is obtained either from your Psychiatrist if you are seeing us for Depression, or an Internist, Surgeon, or Pain Management physician if you have chronic pain. Pre-authorization from a Ketamine provider is not accepted by insurance companies at this time.

Financing Your Treatment

We offer up to 14 months of interest free financing through Advance Care. Please click on the following link to learn more:

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