What to Expect from Ketamine Therapy

7th April 2022
Stressed Out Man

Despite being one of the most widely used anesthetics in the world and being deemed an “essential medicine” by the World Health Organization since 1985, many people do not have first-hand experience with ketamine therapy. This lack of experience, along with some common misconceptions, can discourage many who would be ideal candidates from pursuing potentially life-changing treatment. Knowing what to expect from ketamine therapy can dispel those misconceptions. … Continue reading

How Ketamine Therapy Could Treat Alcohol Addiction

19th March 2022
Red Wine

Overcoming alcohol addiction is extremely challenging and requires dedication, strength and a clear mind. Many people turn to Alcoholics Anonymous, but that doesn’t work for everyone; even rehab and medications meant to discourage drinking don’t always help.

Ketamine can help people fighting alcohol addiction with their recovery to reclaim their freedom from alcohol. Dr. David Mahjoubi and our skilled team at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles offer effective ketamine treatments for people trying to break the vicious cycle of addiction. … Continue reading

Breakthroughs in PTSD Symptom Management

2nd February 2022
Frustrated Female

Surviving or witnessing a traumatic experience can sometimes feel like only half the battle, with the rest fought every day trying to adjust to a new normal. Living with post-traumatic stress disorder can be overwhelming, and symptom management can be very difficult. Delayed symptom onset or a delayed diagnosis can further complicate matters, making every day feel like a new kind of fight. … Continue reading

How Ketamine Therapy Can Help Stop Negative Ruminating Thoughts

5th January 2022
Depressed Woman

Do you find yourself focusing on unpleasant thoughts excessively? Ketamine therapy could help you regain control of your mind.

Ketamine may help relieve your mental health issues caused by rumination – or the act of fixating on negative experiences and feelings. Do you find yourself focusing on unpleasant thoughts, like memories or possible causes and consequences, excessively? Has it reached the point where these persistent thoughts are intrusive, interfering with your life and relationships?

If the answers are yes, your ruminating thoughts may stem from an underlying mental health condition, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Furthermore, your relentless rumination can exacerbate the symptoms of your condition. … Continue reading

Understanding the Toll of Mental Health Issues

9th December 2021
Woman with Depression

Comprehending your own mental state is often difficult. Explaining your state of mind to others can be even more difficult. Some of the challenges you may face include heart palpitations, finding it hard to catch your breath, restlessness and dizzy spells. You may feel a persistent sense of sadness causing you to lose interest in hobbies or activities you previously enjoyed.

A general lack of energy and motivation will cause you to struggle to complete everyday activities. Friends and family may notice that you experience extreme mood swings or emotional outbursts. Changes to your frame of mind in reaction to your environment is normal, but if you react with extreme distress or anger, this could indicate worsening mental health. … Continue reading

Ketamine is Safe and Effective for Pain Control

3rd November 2021
Chronic Pain

Chronic pain disorders affect millions of people. The quality of life of those afflicted rapidly declines, relationships are affected and productivity suffers. It is important to remember than a diagnosis of multiple pain syndromes is not uncommon.

While acute pain responds to pain therapies in predictable patterns, some types of chronic pain do not have specific starting points. They often do not have predictable paths to resolution. Many stem from degenerative diseases, while others are because of immune system illnesses. Chronic pain, especially pain with a neuropathic component, may respond to the safe and effective treatment of ketamine. … Continue reading

Ketamine for Social Anxiety Disorder

19th October 2021
Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles CA

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes extreme fear of receiving judgement from others. It can lead to feelings of severe humiliation, rejection and feelings of inadequacy in public. This disorder also manifests in physical symptoms, including nausea, sweating and a rapid heart rate. Social anxiety disorder can be so severe that those who suffer with it will isolate themselves away from others, making it difficult to retain employment or close relationships. Several treatments and therapies are available, but for those who find those treatments unsuccessful, hope could be on the horizon with ketamine therapy. … Continue reading

Ketamine Treatments for CRPS: Are They Effective?

22nd September 2021
Nerve Pain Skeleton

Ketamine treatments for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are becoming more popular as they help more and more people experience relief from daily pain. While these treatments are still undergoing extensive medical studies to understand the full benefits, it’s easy to see the proven results from other patients who have undergone ketamine IV infusions. Are they suitable for you? Are they effective? Let’s look. … Continue reading

How Ketamine Therapy Can Help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

6th July 2021
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Post-traumatic stress disorder can make everyday life feel like a nightmare. This condition can cause intense fear, anxiety, anger and social isolation. Medications and therapy can be ineffective in managing symptoms for some people. Ketamine therapy provides an alternative method to offer relief. This therapy has safely been used for decades to treat chronic pain and a variety of mood disorders. Here is what you need to know about how ketamine therapy can help with post-traumatic stress disorder. … Continue reading