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Have you ever been on a trip and you thought you knew where you were going, but ended in a place that you never intended? It’s frustrating and makes you retrace your steps to discover where you made the wrong turn that led you on the wrong track. The journey to alcoholism can be similar to that of discovering you’re in the wrong place that you never intended to be.

If you are a social drinker, you may have become addicted to alcohol while some of your peers may not. Your genes may play a big role in triggering your development of alcoholism. Did you know that children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics as well

If you suffer from depression, high stress or other psychological problems you are at a high risk for developing alcoholism. These issues crave relief from the dopamine that alcohol can offer by altering the balance of chemicals in your brain. Alcohol restores pleasurable feelings and aids in helping you avoid negative feelings.

If you are easily persuaded by social factors, you may succumb to alcohol addiction unwillingly. Peer pressure, your environment and effective advertising can be a reason you develop alcoholism.

If you’re tracing your steps and wondering how you got to this place of alcohol addiction it is time to get help. Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles helps those who want to break the cycle of alcoholism. Ketamine treatments have been used effectively for treating addiction for over 30 years. Contact our office in Los Angeles today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to a life free from alcohol addiction with save, effective IV ketamine treatments and ongoing ketamine therapy.

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