Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Unless you have suffered from chronic pain, you cannot begin to understand how it impacts the lives of those who have this debilitating condition. Chronic pain comes in many forms and from many sources, but managing it is difficult, whatever the circumstances. If you have chronic pain, you understand the frustration of trying to manage it through medications and other therapies. At Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we also understand the frustration of chronic pain and we have an effective ketamine treatment option that can help you take back your life.

The two main types of treatments for chronic pain rely on medications and some form of physical therapy. While physical therapy may offer relief for some, it does not benefit all types of chronic pain. Medications, especially of the narcotic variety, can dull pain, but come with a host of other side effects. They can be addictive, debilitate mental/physical function and be detrimental to the overall health. Ketamine infusion treatments offer an alternative to pain medication and can supplement physical therapy for long-term relief from chronic pain, without the negative impacts of other medications.

Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain

Ketamine IV treatments for chronic pain offer our patients freedom from medications that can impact their mental and physical health. With no significant side effects, ketamine treatments can alleviate chronic pain and can address depression that often accompanies this condition. In as little as one treatment, our patients begin to take back their lives and manage their pain. With IV treatments and ongoing maintenance ketamine therapy, we have helped our patients with chronic pain find the relief they have been seeking so they can obtain a quality of life they deserve.

No one should live a life in pain. If you are tired of the negative impacts of pain medications or have not found relief from your chronic pain through other therapies, come see us at Ketamine Healing in Los Angeles. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mahjoubi to learn more about our personalized approach to treating chronic pain with ketamine IV therapy.