Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ketamine is a synthetic medication that has been used in humans for over 50 years. It is a non-addictive treatment option for major depression, mood irregularities, and various chronic pain conditions. Recent evidence has strongly supported its’ effectiveness. Ketamine can be administered multiple ways, however, the most efficacious route is intravenous. At Ketamine Healing of Los Angeles, we use the intravenous route.
Under the care of a board certified Anesthesiologist, intravenous Ketamine is extremely safe, even in large doses. At Ketamine Healing, we have found the best results within the range of 1.5-2.5 mg per kg.
You do not need a Psychiatrist’s referral for treatment. However, Dr. Mahjoubi will speak with you on the phone to discuss your prior treatment history and assess your candidacy for IV Ketamine treatments.
Patients commonly describe entering a state free of worries, which carries over to their day to day lives.
It depends on the number of treatments received. We recommend at least three treatments within a two week time period. However, you will have noticeable benefits after the first treatment. In conjunction with daily intranasal Ketamine, which we prescribe for you, the majority of our patients experience long-term relief from Depression. The relief experienced from chronic pain is variable and depends on the condition being treated. You may call the doctor to discuss this: (866) 987-7874
We have seen patients wake up with positive results. The average length of time to noticeable benefits is anywhere from the same day to 48 hrs later. The number of treatments also influences the time to chronic relief.
A small percentage of patients experience headaches the day after. This is often alleviated with IV Toradol during treatment, a medication similar to aspirin. Nausea can also be seen, albeit rarely. The treatment for this is on a case by case basis. No other side effects have been shown to occur with IV Ketamine treatment.
We have over a 90% success rate. Of course, external life influencers have a significant effect on the extent to which Ketamine can help. That is why it’s important to be honest with yourself prior to seeking treatment, and note whether the same conditions in your life causing depression, if present, will still be present and affecting you after treatment.
If you have any symptoms of depression, mood irregularities or chronic pain you may be a candidate for IV Ketamine treatments. Please call to speak to the doctor at (866) 987-7874 to assess your candidacy.
The fee for the first treatment is $700, and is 1.5 hours long. Plan to be here approximately 2.5-3 hrs as the doctor prefers to speak to his patients prior to and after each treatment. Additionally, there is a post-infusion recovery period prior to patient discharge. Each treatment after the first treatment is $650. You may pay in advance for three treatments as well, the cost of which is $1800. - Always call (866) 987-7874 and ask about promotions.
At this time insurance does not recognize Ketamine as a treatment option for depression or chronic pain. However, we are happy to provide you with documentation for treatment so that you may attempt to get reimbursed.
Call us at (866) 987-7874 or use our contact form.