Ketamine Infusion Treatment

When it comes to ketamine treatments, the most effective option for most patients is a high-dosage infusion. At Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we understand the importance of the dose and administration of our infusions to achieve the best results for our patients. Dr. David Mahjoubi has spent over a decade creating the ideal ketamine infusion treatment to give our patients relief from depression, chronic pain, anxiety and many other maladies. Our personalized approach ensures each patient gets the right dosage and treatment plan for optimum results that work for them.

Our ketamine infusions and treatments at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles are customized to each patient. For most patients, we recommend three IV treatments within a two-week period to get the best results.  In addition, our infusions contain a tiny amount of benzodiazepine (Midazolam), which ensures that no adverse side effects like dysphoric feelings occur during the treatment.

Safe and Nonaddictive Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine has been safely used for over 50 years as an anesthetic and used for treating depression and other disorders for three decades. Ketamine is nonaddictive, with few to no side effects and a very high level of safety. Compared to other conventional treatments for mood disorders and chronic pain, ketamine infusions offer a safe, effective alternative to get relief and experience a higher quality of life.

Ketamine infusions are the main component of our initial treatments at Ketamine Healing, but it is not all we offer. Our supplementary therapy using intranasal ketamine can offer long-term results well after your last infusion treatment. We have a 90% success rate and a long list of happy patients that have regained their lives from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, chronic pain and many other disorders. Contact our clinic today to learn more about ketamine infusions and to find out if you are a candidate for this revolutionary treatment.