Ketamine Nasal Spray

Ketamine treatment has been found to be safe and effective for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and alcoholism, giving sufferers of these conditions an alternative to conventional forms of treatment, does this sound like it could work for you? At Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we offer a personalized approach to ketamine therapy, customizing the treatment for individual patients. Along with IV ketamine infusion treatment, we offer supplementary therapy using ketamine intranasal spray for maintaining freedom from symptoms.

Most patients are recommended to have three initial ketamine IV infusion treatments within a two-week period for optimal results. To maintain the effects, Dr. Mahjoubi may also prescribe ketamine nasal spray for maintenance therapy. The dosage and recommended frequency will depend on the patient, as we customize our treatments to meet the individual needs of our patients. All our ketamine treatments are safe and nonaddictive, offering an effective option for relieving pain, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

Ketamine Supplementary Therapy

Ketamine treatment is used for a wide variety of disorders. The nasal ketamine supplementary therapy is used to help maintain results, whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain or a mood disorder like depression or PTSD. Dr. Mahjoubi does not prescribe ketamine nasal spray on its own; it is meant to be supplemental to the infusion therapy. The nasal spray is usually prescribed after three IV infusion treatments for depression or other mood disorders. For pain syndromes like RSD or other forms of chronic pain, the nasal spray may be prescribed after the first ketamine infusion treatment.

Our goal at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles is to offer long-term relief for our patients. Ketamine infusion therapy is the initial step, with intranasal spray offered as supplementary therapy for continued relief. To learn more about ketamine treatments and to determine if you are a candidate, contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mahjoubi.