Ketamine for OCD

For those who are tormented with OCD, daily life can be difficult. Plagued with obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors, those with OCD can struggle to maintain balance in their lives. If you have been diagnosed with OCD and have not found relief from other therapies, or want to be free from the side effects that come with other medications, ketamine treatments may be the solution. Our team at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles and Orange County has helped many suffering from OCD find relief from the anxiety, depression and behavioral issues that come with this disorder.

Ketamine treatments have been used for over 30 years to combat depression and anxiety. Unlike SSRIs and other medications that can take weeks to offer relief and exhibit many side effects, ketamine offers almost immediate relief without negative side effects. Administered with high-dosage IV treatments at our clinic, ketamine infusions can help minimize obsessive thoughts and offer a calming effect for our patients, even after one treatment. With subsequent treatments and ongoing ketamine therapy, long-term relief from OCD can be maintained.

Effective Treatment for OCD

Dr. David Mahjoubi is one of the pioneers in using ketamine IV treatments for anxiety, depression, chronic pain and OCD. The safety of this medication and almost nonexistent side effects have had groundbreaking impacts for those suffering from pain or mood disorders. Most patients experience relief from their symptoms after only one treatment. Subsequent treatments and ketamine maintenance therapy can sustain these results for those suffering from OCD and offer long-term relief.

If you are ready to explore an alternative to antidepressant or anxiety medications for OCD that can have many negative side effects, contact our clinic to learn more about ketamine treatment. We are in Los Angeles and offer customized treatment plans to give you relief from your OCD symptoms.