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When you deal with chronic pain, like that which accompanies Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD, your life can be miserable. Most people who have RSD had an injury to a limb that instead of becoming less painful over time, becomes more painful. Damage to the nervous system can cause RSD, which is incurable and only becomes more debilitating over time. Managing the pain through conventional treatment methods can be intrusive and often ineffective. Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles and Orange County offers an alternative approach with our effective ketamine infusion treatments for RSD.

Ketamine IV treatments have become a beacon of hope for those who suffer from chronic pain, including those with RSD. Ketamine treatments do not have the negative side effects of narcotic pain medications or the intrusive nature of surgery or other spinal treatments often used for RSD. Many of our patients with RSD at Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles & Orange County report immediate relief from their pain after one treatment, with additional benefits with subsequent treatments. With ongoing ketamine maintenance therapy, they can experience relief from the pain and discomfort of RSD and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Generally, pain infusions with Ketamine can successfully be completed via one of two routes:

  • Pain Protocol A (PPA) – 5 infusions over 5-6 days.
  • Pain Protocol B (PPB)- 1 infusion then reassess 48-72 hrs later. Repeat when pain returns.

PPA is typically more effective for longer term pain relief as compared to PPB. However, everyone is different, and for some one infusion may provide adequate pain relief. If you are unsure which protocol to use, but are able to complete five infusions in a short time span, Pain Protocol A will likely give you the best pain relief (assuming your pain is responsive to ketamine). For further questions about how Ketamine can relieve your chronic pain, you may contact us at (424) 278-4241 or [email protected].

Effective Treatment for RSD

The problem with many chronic pain treatments is that the treatments can become as uncomfortable as the pain. Medications can be addictive and cause more sensitivity to pain for users, plus they have a long list of side effects. For those suffering from RSD, facing surgery, spinal drug pumps or nerve blocks can be daunting. Ketamine IV treatments are comparably quick and less intrusive, with no long-term side effects, only relief.

Come find out how ketamine treatments can help you overcome your pain from RSD. Contact our team at Ketamine Healing today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how you can use ketamine to manage your chronic pain from RSD. You deserve a life free of pain – find out how ketamine can help you achieve that goal.

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