Malibu Ketamine for Depression Treatment

While depression can prove debilitating in its own right, major depression and especially TRD are increasingly difficult and complex to manage. What’s more is that existing anti-depressants require weeks or months to take effect. Even so, the role of Ketamine for depression is gaining momentum, as recent studies have demonstrated a rapid improvement in TRD following a single IV infusion. Fortunately, Ketamine Healing Clinic near Malibu offer this innovative and hopeful treatment for those living with major depression.

If you’ve suffered from depression for some time, you’ve probably tried other treatments and therapies. Thus, you know first hand the disappointment of ineffective medications, not to mention the negative side effects and costs involved. The good news is—you can begin to overcome major depression and take control of your life again. Often, one Ketamine infusion treatment elicits positive results in regards to mood elevation and the dissipation of other depressive symptoms. Additionally, when combined with supplemental therapies and the three recommended sessions for depression, individuals move one step closer to long-term relief and freedom from depression.

Help for Patients with TRD – Treatment Resistant Depression

Perhaps you’ve tried several medications for your major depression. Did you know? Many individuals have Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), making it nearly impossible for them to manage their depressive symptoms.

As an exciting and revolutionary treatment for depression and TRD, Ketamine Healing clinics boasts a 90 percent success rate in providing relief from depressive symptoms, including anxiety and chronic pain. This is accomplished through Ketamine infusion treatments. Ketamine is safe, non-addictive and produces no negative side effects.

Would you like more information on Ketamine infusion treatment for depression or TRD? Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment. Your journey to overcoming depression begins here.