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For people struggling with unresolved pain, such as back, head, joint, neck, muscle, or fibromyalgia, experiencing the poor results, risks, and side effects of standard medications can make a person feel hopeless. Ketamine therapy is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional standard of care when it comes to pain management. Without the consequences or side effects of typical pain medications, ketamine infusion treatments offer long lasting relief from chronic pain.

Ketamine has been proven effective with acute and chronic pain. At the Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles, we consult with patients to understand their pain condition and customize a treatment plan that will work best for their specific needs. We administer ketamine two different ways:

  • Intravenous – most patients will receive up to five low-dose IV treatments over 14 days.
  • Intranasal – to supplement IV therapy, a nasal spray will be recommended to help maintain the results of the intravenous infusions.

To understand how ketamine alleviates pain, we must look at how pain is communicated. Nerves run throughout the body and transmit information to the brain. Attached to the nerves are receptors that send warning signals to the brain in the event of sudden or chronic pain. Ketamine inhibits the receptors from transferring the pain signal to the brain. During IV treatment, ketamine breaks the communication from these receptors and many people report improvement from pain within a few minutes.

Chronic pain can lower quality of life, but ketamine IV treatments offer hope and relief. Ketamine has been used successfully for more than 50 years and has low risk for side effects. Importantly, ketamine is not addictive, which makes it an ideal alternative to narcotic pain relief. If you are in search of a solution for chronic pain, call us at The Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles. After only one treatment in our office, patients are experiencing life changing results and freedom from pain. Schedule your consultation with Dr. David Mahjoubi to design a plan to end your pain.

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