Dealing With Depression

21st May 2021
Stressed Man

Many people feel as though they are living in an alternate reality right now. COVID-19 continues to affect all of our lives. There is so much information, misinformation, and conflicting information that it is hard to know which way is up. So much confusion and contradictory information can cause anyone to feel overwhelmed and at a loss for how to make the best decision. For those suffering from depression, anxiety, or a form of mental illness, so much inconsistency can make them want to crawl in a hole and never come out.

If living through a global health crisis and the continuing aftermath has taught us anything, it is that times of crisis can be particularly difficult to navigate while also living with depression. If you are one of the 16.1 million American adults living with some form of depression, you know that symptoms can be debilitating. Right now, the number one symptom of depression that is gripping millions of people is a hopeless outlook. While this has always been a symptom of depression, the realities of 2020, 2021, and not know when the global crisis will end has indeed given millions of people a bleak outlook on the future. Other symptoms of depression include lost interest, increased fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, changes in appetite and weight, uncontrollable emotions, and suicidal thoughts have been on the rise since last year.

Treatment for depression can also be equally as challenging. Many people feel like human experiments that must go through continual trial and error (for months or even years) until the proper medication and dosage are found. Living through depression and the constant changing of medicine can be profoundly discouraging and frustrating. Fortunately, there is a treatment that is both effective and fast-acting.

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles offers high-dose intravenous Ketamine treatments. As ketamine is dispersed through the veins, it binds to the NMDA receptors in the brain. By binding to these receptors, ketamine increases the amount of a neurotransmitter called glutamate. Glutamate activates connections in the AMPA receptor, and these receptors lead to changes in moods, thought patterns, and cognition.

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