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11th September 2018
Woman Holding Bridge of Nose in Pain Los Angeles, CA

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles utilizes Ketamine treatment to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and alcoholism. Our methods offer you with alternative forms of treatments. We offer ketamine intranasal spray as a supplementary therapy to our IV Ketamine infusion treatment. Nasal spray may also be used for maintaining freedom from your symptoms. While your customized dosage and frequency will be different from other patients, the method for using your nasal spray is the same depending on whether you use a pump or spray.

The Proper Way To Use A Nasal Spray

There are two types of nasal sprays: a nasal spray and nasal pump. Make sure you prepare properly when you use either of these methods. Ensure that your nostrils are cleared by blowing your nose. Ensure that your hands are clean with soap and water and make sure they are dry. You may need to shake your bottle if instructed by your doctor.

Be sure to follow the exact instructions given to you by Dr. Mahjoubi about positioning your head and how to spray or pump your ketamine nasal spray. After administering your nasal spray, ensure that your bottle is properly secured and that the tip did not touch anything besides the inside of your nose. Wait a few minutes before you blow your nose after using your nasal treatment. Wash your hands again after the process is over and store your bottle as directed by Dr. Mahjoubi.

To learn more about ketamine treatments and to determine if you are a candidate, contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mahjoubi.

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