Playa Vista Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Depression does not need to rule your life. If you live in Playa Vista and suffer from depression, there is a solution to get relief from your depression – ketamine treatments. Even if other therapy and treatment options have not been successful, many people suffering from depression find relief with ketamine therapy. Ketamine Healing has clinics near Playa Vista offering innovative ketamine treatments for depression.

Ketamine offers a safe, nonaddictive option for treating major depression and other mood disorders. Although originally used as an anesthetic, ketamine has been found to be effective for treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain through IV infusion treatment. Our team at Ketamine Healing offers advanced treatment options that are customized to each of our patients. You can begin to feel relief from your depression symptoms in as little as one treatment at our clinic near Playa Vista.

Help for Patients with TRD – Treatment-Resistant Depression

If you have tried antidepressants and other depression therapies without success, you may be suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression, or TRD. Ketamine therapy has been found to be effective for those with TRD and offers a quick treatment option for relief. Many of our patients report mood elevation and relief from their other depression symptoms within hours of their first treatment. With three ketamine infusion treatments and our effective supplementary therapy, many of our patients overcome their major depression and begin living their lives to the fullest again.

You deserve to live a life that is not overshadowed by major depression. Ketamine Healing offers the highest dosage of ketamine infusions available under the expertise of a certified medical team led by Dr. David Mahjoubi, a pioneer in ketamine treatments. If you want to learn more about ketamine treatment and find out if it is right for you, contact our clinic near Playa Vista to schedule your first appointment.