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Ketamine treatment has been a beacon of hope for those suffering from major depression or TRD. If you live in Santa Monica and are also living with depression, you may be a candidate for ketamine treatments. Ketamine is a nonaddictive, safe medication that is administered by IV infusion that can offer quick, reliable results for relieving the symptoms of depression. Ketamine Healing clinics are near Santa Monica and offer this innovative treatment for those who are living with major depression.

Many types of treatment for depression are ineffective or come at a cost. Antidepressants can take several weeks to have any impact and can come with many negative side effects. Ketamine infusion treatment offers almost immediate results for some people suffering from depression. Often, mood elevation and dissipation of other symptoms is evident after the first IV treatment, with improved relief of symptoms after a full complement of the three recommended sessions for depression. When coupled with our supplementary therapy, our patients with depression can achieve long-term results and regain control of their life again.

Help for Patients with TRD – Treatment-Resistant Depression

Have you tried other depression treatments but have not been satisfied with the results? Many people have Treatment-Resistant Depression, or TRD, making it even more difficult to overcome depression. Ketamine Healing clinics have a 90 percent success rate in giving relief to our patients from depression, anxiety and chronic pain, even those with TRD. Ketamine is nonaddictive, safe and has few to no negative side effects.

When you are ready to learn more about ketamine treatments for your depression, call one of our clinics near Santa Monica to schedule your initial appointment. You deserve to live a life that is free from the overwhelming symptoms of depression. Contact us today to begin your journey to overcoming depression.

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